When our car isn’t in good shape, it is then we visit the auto body shops. The damage in our car can be because of any reason, and the level of damage or the necessity of repair too can vary at great length. Same is with the repair works. Not every repair work can guarantee a perfect solution to your problem. But in most cases, you might have already paid for it, before realizing the faulty repair work and have driven your car home. It is also possible that you face the problem later and is in a fix, what to do next. Here we would discuss all the ways to bring you out of this mess and try to ensure that you get the job done without having to pay for it again.

Collect Enough Proof

When a repair work is done in an auto body shop, there must be some paperwork that will document the details of the work along with a date. Scan those papers for documentation and click relevant  photos and videos of the car with the issue, and try collecting witnesses to stand by you, in case of any dispute.

Inform the Concerned Shop

Next, it is time to let the shop know about the issue. If you have serviced your car from a body shop that guarantee their work, your issue will be most probably addressed without much harassment. But if the shop shows unwillingness to solve your issue, then you might have to take things still further.

Request for Either Redoing the Work or a Refund

After reaching the auto body shop with all your documents and proofs, give them some time to respond. If they agree to redo the work without any cost, or even at a discounted price, you are largely saved. But if they refuse to offer any of the above, or do not pay any heed to your problem, then, you need to take the next step.

Take the Help of Social Media and Consumer Forum

At this age of social media, things have become much easier than ever before. Today almost every business maintains an online presence through websites, social media profiles and web listing. And any business will depend largely on social reputation. If your shop is adamantly denying their share of responsibility, put up a complaint on the social media sites like Facebook and more effective Twitter. You can parallelly lodge a complaint on the consumer forum and see how things start working around you.

A Note of Prevention

We gathered a valuable advice from the experts of Salisbury auto body shop that is mainly a note of prevention. They say, that before you select an auto body shop for your car, do some homework in advance. Search for the ones who provide guarantee or warranty on parts as well as repairs. Prefer the ones, which have a strong customer support, a website and an authorized certification. This way you will ensure that there will be a way out to your problem, if at all anything occurs.