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Important caravan insurance mistakes you shouldn’t make

Caravan holidays require you to learn a lot of things. It goes without saying that you need to know everything about your caravan: how to care for it, what to load and arrange inside it, and so on.

You are protected by your insurance. It is impossible to predict when you will trip and fall – however, you can rest assured that you have something to fall back on. External damages of the caravan (weather, collisions with other vehicles, etc.) will typically be covered by your caravan insurance policy.

Because of this, it is also important that you (and any family members you are bringing along) read the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Below are some things to keep in mind:

1. Are you aware of what your insurance covers?

Find out what kind of damage is covered. The agents and ads would normally only promote the benefits that would benefit you in order to entice you to buy, or to scare you into taking action and buying right now.

Ensure the safety of your caravan by taking the proper precautions. Many insurance companies offer discounts for clients who prevent damages. Many people don’t pay much attention to this, so if problems arise they may not be able to claim since they can be categorized as the owner’s fault.

Check for weight or size restrictions. It means that you need to keep the weight of your caravan below a certain limit in order to claim any damages.

Insurance policies can change over time, so check to see if yours have changed, too. It is impossible to set standards; every policy is subject to change, and sometimes changes are made without prior notice. You must comply and agree to the changes once you sign the document.

2. Do you have the right caravan insurance policy?

Your insurance covers different types of accidents, theft, and damage depending on what you use your trailer or caravan for.

Static caravan insurance. When you want to put your trailer in a park and leave it there for a long time, you should get static caravan insurance. If it is not moving, it will cover damages caused by weather or accidents. You should make sure the mover you plan to use has insurance so you’ll be protected if something goes wrong.

Touring caravan insurance. This is for caravans that are being towed by another vehicle. Car insurance is not the same as this. You should read the policies for your car even if it is insured, and understand what it covers. Most policies only cover minor damages, like dents and scratches. Major damages or theft will fall to your responsibility. It is important to have a different kind of touring caravan insurance when you travel abroad, especially if damage occurs outside of the country.

3. Having separate caravan and personal insurance

Personal insurance and caravan insurance are two separate things. A caravan insurance policy typically covers its interior and exterior only. You will usually be asked to purchase household insurance to protect your belongings and electronic equipment. When you are traveling abroad, it becomes more complicated if you want to keep your gadgets safe. You can find more information here.

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Caravan Insurance: Pros And Cons

It is a form of insurance that protects your caravan and its contents from risks such as theft, fire, flooding, and storms. It’s important to protect yourself from any accidents on the road when towing caravans behind cars or trailers. Depending on where you live, the cost of this type of insurance varies, but there are plenty of options to fit all budgets. Before buying a separate policy, consider whether your car insurance already includes some protection for your caravan as well as what additional coverage it offers!

Do you need insurance for your static caravan? Before you make a decision about caravan insurance, take the time to read this guide on the pros and cons.

Caravan insurance has many advantages

Unlike car insurance and buildings insurance, static home insurance does not need to be purchased in the UK. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended as well as a requirement of most park owners and contracts. Any caravan owner would be wise to adhere to this requirement. You will find that many caravan parks allow you to pitch on their sites only if you are insured. This has many benefits, not the least of which is if anything happens and you need financial support, your insurance will be able to assist you. 

Among the benefits are coverage for weather damage regardless of whether it is storms, snow, frozen pipes, or frozen locks. As long as you purchase caravan insurance from an established insurer, you will also be covered for public liability, which is essential in the current no-win-no-fee legal environment. It is crucial to choose a reputable insurance company to ensure that your static caravan insurance will actually come in handy if you need it. 

An additional benefit of caravan insurance is that it offers peace of mind to those who don’t live in their caravan full-time. Obviously, certain measures must be taken when the caravan is unoccupied to ensure that the cover is maintained, but knowing you are covered should something happen in your absence is important for many owners. 

Caravan insurance has a few disadvantages as well

It is clear that getting caravan insurance has many advantages, but are there any disadvantages as well? A caravan insurance policy is a bit more expensive than home insurance for most people, so the cost is a concern for them. While it may seem out of place, or perhaps unfair, because your main home is clearly worth more. It is mainly because caravans do not have as strong of a structure as homes, and they are also more easily broken into especially during winter, so you need to be covered for those issues. 

The nature of the caravan’s building materials and the nature of its occupancy greatly increase the chances of it being damaged. Consequently, claims are more likely to be filed, and hence premiums are higher. Caravans may have to be moved away from their sites in the event they need repair work, and doing so can be costly if they are uninsured. Those who have experienced a claim realize how essential insurance coverage is. For more information you can read here.

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Different Types Of Car Insurance Policies And Their Benefits

As per law, every car plying on Indian roads needs to be insured. A car insurance policy not only helps you abide by the law, but also offers a range of benefits. However, before you a buy car insurance policy online or otherwise, it’s important to know about the different types of policies to make an informed choice. In this article, we will talk about the different types of car insurance policies and their benefits.

  1. Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

A car insurance policy offers a complete financial protection to you in case your car suffers damages or is involved in an accident causing losses to a third-party. This type of car insurance plan provides you with a financial cushion in case your car suffers damages due to natural or man-made disasters such as earthquake, flood, lightning, theft, riots and terrorism among others.

Also, in an event where a third-party is the victim of an accident involving your vehicle, the damages suffered are covered under a comprehensive policy. It is one of the most sought-after car insurance plans in India as it offers an all-round protection.

While earlier a comprehensive policy had an in-built personal accident (PA) cover, following the orders of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), the PA cover is now unbundled from the comprehensive plan.

  1. Third-party car insurance

A third party car insurance policy is another common type of policy available in the market. As against a comprehensive policy, this plan covers damages suffered by a third-party involving your car. In other words, this policy doesn’t cover you or your vehicle for the losses suffered.

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is important for every car to have a third-party insurance policy. It protects you, the car owner, from legal liabilities arising due to losses/damages caused to a third-party. To put simply, your insurer pays for the damages suffered by a third-party due to your car.

Often these damages can result in a long legal battle that can strain your finances. A third-party car insurance policy offers you the much-needed financial cushion in such a scenario. IRDAI has made it mandatory to avail a long-term third-party car insurance policy up to 3 years for car owners. The move has its benefits as there’s no need to renew the policy every year. Once availed, it’s valid for 3 years.

  1. Commercial car insurance

This is another type of car insurance plan available in India. The components of a commercial car insurance policy are the same as that of comprehensive car insurance except that it’s applicable for vehicles used for commercial or business purposes.

It is particularly useful for enterprises who use their cars for carrying out business activities. Note that in case your car with comprehensive coverage is used for a commercial purpose, your insurer may deny your claim.

How to buy car insurance?

You can buy a car insurance policy online or offline. However, before you buy a policy, it’s important to compare policies offered by different insurance providers. At the same time, it’s crucial to know the policy inclusions and exclusions. Read the policy document to know the terms and conditions well and make sure you know the claims process.

Make sure to fill up the proposal form correctly and provide all the information with utmost accuracy. Any misinformation can lead to claim rejection later. Generally, when you buy a policy online, the premiums are on the lower side.

This is because the insurer saves on overhead and administrative costs, the benefits of which are passed in the form of lower premium. Also, as a buyer, purchasing online is more convenient as you don’t have to manage multiple paperwork and forms.

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Understanding Your Car Insurance Contract

Understanding car insurance contract documents have been major problems for many car owners and people seeking car insurance policy. Many clients always say they can’t read these documents due to the fact that it’s been filled with legal terms difficult to understand and is voluminous, others said they don’t have time to read these documents and think it might not be necessary since they are paying their premiums.

Understanding Your Car Insurance Contract 1

It should be pointed out that it’s vital to understand car insurance policy you have chosen as it equips you with the necessary knowledge on what to do when you encounter problems while playing the road with your car. Problems such as;

· Who to call when you encounter accident

· How to cancel your policy if you need to

· Procedure to make auto insurance claims

· Contact information of the insurance issuer and

  • Other vital information you may need concerning your dealing with your auto insurance company

This article is written for proper understanding of your car insurance policy. It explains key elements of your policy that are vital for all auto insurance seekers and current holders.


Car insurance contract is a legally backed document which states the agreement between auto insurance companies called insurers and the policy seeker on how to manage risks associated with policy seeker use of his vehicle on road. This document entails claims which the insurer is legally required to pay in exchange of premium which are normally remitted monthly, quarterly or yearly by the insured. This document usually is draft in a language both parties understand and are also designed to meet the specific needs of the insured.

Auto insurance contract papers are normally more than one document. Other documents such as summary of your car insurance policy, Certificate of insurance, policy booklet, change in policy schedule and company’s contact information are also part of car insurance contract. Also, advertising materials such as circular, banners, billboard are not part of auto insurance policy document including the oral agreement of both parties are in most cases not part of auto insurance contract document.

Structure of Auto Insurance Contract

Auto insurance contract document is divided into many sections depending on the issuer of the insurance policy. Generally, the following information is mainly contained in auto insurance contracts;

  1. Insurance Company information: This section contains information such as; Auto insurance company’s name, its logo, contact information such as address, telephone number, fax, website, and e-mail.
  2. Private information of car insurance seeker: This section contains the name of the auto insurance policy seeker, home address, place of work, location, mobile telephone number, house phone number and email address.
  3. Driver’s information: This section contains private information about the person that will be driving the vehicle. In most cases, drivers’ private information is also the same as private information of auto insurance policy seeker. It contains drivers name, home address, telephone number, valid license with date issued and also expiring date.
  4. Vehicle information: This section contains the type of vehicle to be insured and its detailed internal and external descriptions.
  5. Premium information which contains the amount of money auto insurance policy seeker will pay to the insurance company in exchange for risk protection that may happen while driving on the road. This section also stresses if this amount should be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly.
  6. Declaration Page: The information in this section includes: name of the insurance company, name(s) and other personal information, identification of policy seeker or holder, policy number, time duration of auto insurance policy, the type of car insurance coverage purchased, premium charges and documents and forms that are part of the contract. This section is normally signed by the policy seeker as acceptance of the information.
  7. Your Policy Cover: This section of auto insurance policy explains car insurance type you choose. It also highlights the additional coverage you took such as;

· Personal items coverage

· Towing

· Emergency repairs

· Storage cost

Trailer or caravan damage and much more extra coverage your auto insurance company handle.

Also, your policy cover contains what may affect your coverage. Such things like;

· Driving under the influence of alcohol

· Unlicensed driver using your vehicle

Some auto insurance company includes non-abidance to traffic rules under this section.

  1. Claiming under your policy: This section addresses your responsibility when making a claim on your car insurance policy. It also states conditions you can make car insurance claims. It also points out the following;

How to settle disputes between you and your insurance company.

· It also explains the procedure you should take when you have an accident for you to make a claim.

· How to pay your premium

Making changes to your policy which might occur. Such changes include; canceling your policy if you want to sell or give away your car or changing your vehicle.

  1. In addition, most car insurance contract explains the code of practice, privacy of your personal information.
  2. Other sections of car insurance policy include:

· Definitions of terms used in the insurance contract.

· General condition of the policy.

· Agreement and mutual condition of the contract and

  • When car insurance coverage applies

Finally, it should be pointed out here that the structures of the car insurance contract are not limited to the points highlighted above. Each company chooses how the structure of this legal document is draft. The points highlighted above are always present in the majority of auto insurance contract documents.

Validity of Car Insurance Contract

There are high points that must be outlined in your car insurance contract papers for it to be considered valid. Most of these points are stated here below:

The information given by you to your car insurance company (including agents) must be true and compete to the best of your knowledge.

Your auto insurance type you took must be stated in the insurance contract (which can be comprehensive, collision, rental, personal injury protection car insurance coverage or others). In some car insurance contract, it shows the cover in your policy for accident, injury, loss or damage that happens within the territorial limits during the duration of insurance.

The contract will uphold that the policy seeker/holder should be of legal age and mentally sound. Some auto insurance companies allow parents to attest for the policy seeker that is one or two years older than the legal age. This is to mainly make the policy seeker legally capable of handling any outcome that results when driving. This legal capability also applies to vehicle insurance company which are licensed under prevailing regulations which governed them.

It will also charge the policy seeker/holder to update the insurance company changes in information as soon as they are available. The contracts will also state the parties involved which are you and the car insurance company. This means that third parties are not involved except stated otherwise. Vehicle insurance contracts state the name, address, and other contact details of both parties involved, (policyholder and auto insurance company).

Car insurance contract must have its adhesion to doctrine. This is one of the crucial elements in the contract documents which state that in the contract, policy seeker will accept the entire auto insurance contract and its terms and conditions without bargaining once satisfied with the contract terms. This will make insured not to alter the terms of the contract or any ambiguities.

Also, declaration page, signature, and date the contract was made are very vital for the contract to be considered valid.

  1. Have I taken the time to read and understand my car insurance policy?
  2. Did my car insurance contract suits what l actual want from car insurance company?
  3. If No, can I renegotiate with my insurance company?
  4. Is my car insurance contract valid?
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Protect Your Car and Yourself

Owning a car is exciting and fun. Especially for the younger generation when the get the opportunity to have their first car. But, what about auto insurance?

When young adults begin purchasing a car, they don’t think about the additional expenses that they may have. For example; the cost of gas, repairs and of course insurance. These main staples are a must. Even for young adults ‘any car insurance leesburg fl can be found. It will take some shopping around, however, here are some helpful places that you can use to find the insurance that is best for you.

Auto Insurance Companies

Everyone already knows about the leading companies; we won’t mention names. However, as a young driver these companies can set high premiums for young drivers. Please be aware of this, you may need to talk to your parents about assisting you.

When shopping the different companies, it is a good idea to check their overall ratings for your area. Each company sets their rates in different manners. One secret, they look at your credit score and adjust your rate with this in mind.

Interested in comparing rates without all the hassle of contacting each company? A good resource to use is Quotable You start off with giving your zip code, answer a few questions, then you are provided with a list to compare. If you find one that looks good, you are then connected to an agent to assist you. You will have to enter similar information as you did on the other site. However, they take the time to work with you in finding just the right company that will work for you.

Ask Lot of Questions

It is very important to make yourself a list of questions you may have when you are comparing rates on car insurance. Always be prepared, you never know what you may run into.

1) How is the premium set up? Monthly payments or one yearly lump sum?
2) How does your company determine the premium on my car?
3) Does age matter? That is age of the vehicle you want to insure
4) How old must I be to establish my own insurance?
5) How is the deductible determined?
6) What about un-insured motorist?
7) Will my credit score affect my premium?
8) If I have tickets on my driving record how does this affect my premium?
9) Do I need to have flood insurance for my vehicle?
10) If I have an older car is it best to have liability insurance only? Or full coverage? What is the difference?

Hopefully, these questions will help you find the right insurance that you will need for your vehicle. So many times, many of us are in a rush to set up insurance the moment we purchase a car. Take your time. If you have an eye on a new or used car, do your research on insurance first so that you are well prepared when you by your vehicle.

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Get Horsebox Insurance perfect Quotes

If you are living in UK and looking for the best quotes for the insurance of your horseboxes then you should hover to the websites of different insurance companies as you can get the exciting insurance quotes for horsebox insurance from these companies. After getting quotes for the horsebox insurance you have to compare the different quotes and then select the best quote from them. It is mandatory in UK to get insurance of every vehicle which is running on the road; in case of horsebox it is also necessary to get insurance of it. You can put different things in the horsebox and can transfer from one place to the other when you apply for the insurance of horsebox then all the things inside the horsebox will be insured and you don’t need to be worried regarding any accident or theft. In case of any damage to the vehicle or horsebox you will be completely compensated by the insurance company.

Different Insurance Levels

There are different insurance levels available and different companies in the UK are offering these levels while opting for horsebox insurance. At the top, there is comprehensive level in which you will be given complete insurance coverage for the third party, horsebox and your vehicle; this level is the best level of insurance and you can go for it if you are looking for the best insurance coverage. You will also be given different other additional perks with this level by which you can get repair of your vehicle’s parts. There is another level which is the third party level and this level of insurance is the lowest in which you have to pay to the third party if you meet any accident, you will be compensated by the insurance company regarding the payment to third party. You can also opt for third party, fire and theft, which is the level in which you will be compensated in case of any fire mishap or in case of theft of your horsebox or vehicle.

How to easily avail the insurance policy for horsebox

You don’t need to be worried if you are looking for easy availability of horsebox insurance in the UK as there are different insurance companies available here from where you can easily get multiple quotes for the horsebox insurance. You just have to visit the companies and ask them for the quotes, you can also do it easily online by visiting the websites of insurance companies.

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Why is NI Van Insurance Expensive

The reason van insurance is in NI more expensive that other modes of transportation are caused by many different factors. In simple terms more people use vans for more purposes which mean the insurance policies have to cover more types of incidents for a wider selection of types of vans over a wider range of the population. It is worth spending time on sites like that provide a comparative insurance exclusive to NI resident.

Like all other modes of transportation there are three basic types.

  • Third party
  • Third party plus fire and theft
  • Comprehensive

It is true third party is generally the least expensive, but for a business it is just not practical. If the cost of repairs after an accident keeps the van off the motorway, they the tradesman or business cannot conduct operations and revenue is lost. This is another add-on many on their insurance policies to cover lost wages and revenue. This drives up the cost of insuring vans.

Purposes for using a van affect the cost of insurance coverage. The purposes for choosing a van to use include work, and personal proposes.

Using a van for work

  • This can be for courier services.
  • Transportation of goods.
  • Transportation of people.
  • Trades person using van for work as a mobile shop

Using a van personal reasons

  • Because of large family.
  • For more space.
  • Preferred mode of transport.

Dangers of using a van over other types of vehicles that drives up the cost of insurance coverage.

  • Less visibility in delivery vans due to fewer windows.
  • Larger than the typical car.
  • Different shape and weight distribution a car.
  • Higher center of gravity than a car.

Reason for higher costs of insurance coverage

  • Operating a van in a highly dense urban area.
  • Operating a van for work purposes
    • Higher frequency of being on the road than a typical vehicle.
  • Operating in high crime areas for work purposes.
  • The larger the van the higher the cost of coverage.
  • Van weighs more than a typical car.
  • Most vans operated by a business have multiple drivers that need to be covered.

The classification of vans by the government is another reason for higher premiums. Because vans are less aerodynamic than other forms of transportation, the petrol consumption is higher than other vehicles with the same engine displacement. This can lead to the vehicle being slower in responding to input by the operator that can lead to a higher frequency in accidents.

Ways of reducing the cost of van insurance.

  • List the operators of the vans in a business.
  • Know what the van is really worth and insure it appropriately.
  • Place the logo of the business on the side of the van.
    • Most policy writers will view this as the owner being serious about the business they operate and in many instances provide up to a 5% discount on the premium.
  • If for personal use, list the family members that will be driving the van.

These are many of the reason the cost of insurance premiums for a van are higher than other vehicles on the road. The leading reason for a claim on a van or any other vehicle is due to payouts for accidents. For this reason upgrading the security of a van is generally not worth the investment because the reduction in the premium for such an improvement is minimal if any.

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Plan Your Next Stress-Free Road Trip Adventure

While planning the perfect road trip does sound fun, many people forget about important parts of your trip. For example, if you want a stress-free trip, maybe you should consider having the roadside assistance by your side. They will even allow you to purchase car parts; for example, you can get cheap car batteries Sydney from Roadside Response.

Why does roadside assistance matter?

Many people tend to skimp out on roadside assistance policy, which is the last thing you should do; especially if you are behind the wheel a lot. Having the roadside assistance by your side will provide a stress-free trip, and below you will learn why.

Take as many breaks as you need, do not drive stressed

For example, you might run into a sharp object on the road that will cause a flat tire, or you might hit something or another car. In these situations, the roadside assistance team will come and make your car safely drivable again, while dealing with all the necessary paperwork.

Choose the right provider for yourself

You should also keep in mind that while there are a couple of services that all the roadside assistance providers offer, there are some that are different or they work differently. You should do your homework about the roadside assistance providers like Roadside Response in Perth before signing any contract. Make sure that the services they offer to suit your needs.

The usual services you can expect to get are the flat tire change, the locksmith service (when you get locked out of your car), the fuel delivery service, the car battery jump-start, and if nothing works, then you can get the towing service as well. In many cases, these things can be avoided, by getting your car checked out before the trip, but the road can be quite unpredictable.

If you need any suggestions, you should know that you have great car towing services in Sydney, Melbourne from Roadside Response. So the key here is simple, make sure you do your homework and choose a reputable provider.

The road safety kit

Everyone should have a safety kit in their car, no matter if they are going on a trip or not. This kit should involve a phone charger, a flashlight, and batteries, extra water, the first-aid-kit, a blanket, or other things you might need. For example, one item that can be very helpful is a towel, if you need to get under your car.

If you did not pack extra fuel, stop at the nearest gas station and buy some

What to do if a car suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road

When your car stops working and you are in the middle of traffic, you should try to park it on the side of the road. If you are unable to do so, make sure that you give the other passing cars a sign that you are having car trouble.

After that, exit the car on the other side of the moving traffic it is possible, and try to identify the problem. Even if you do not know what is wrong, make sure to call for help, and while you are waiting for help to arrive, try not to leave your car unattended.

Final word

As you should already know, the road can be quite unpredictable, so it is good to be prepared. Knowing the road you will be taking is a good thing, but you should also try to pick the road that has many free roadside assistance vehicles that can come to help if you get stuck. Basic car knowledge can also save your life.

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Looking To Junk Your Car – Read This First

We all know the indecisiveness that clouts our mind when there is a junk car in the backyard and no viable solution. Some of you might consider taking the car to the repair but most of the times such repairs are way too costly and even after that there is no guarantee that the car will be worth driving. Now, when the car is junk, you cannot even think of selling it for good price because value of used cars is based on various factors and drivability is one of them. So, what is the option left with you in such a situation?

Obviously, Junk Car can be of no use to you rather than just parked in the garage. One of the most popular ways is to take out the valuable parts of the car which can still be sold for good value. You might not be aware of every part of the car and neither aware of how much value does that part has. It would be best to get an expert to identify all parts are working just fine and will sell for good value in the market.

Before Junking The Car

If you are looking to scrap a car, still the documents roving your ownership would be required to make sure that you are the real owner of the car. It is most likely that the dealers will reject your car if you do not have the required papers. In case, you are not able to find the title, time has come to visit the concerned state authority and get the new one. Before that you should also check whether your state requires you to have the title of the old cars. There are some states which do not require you to furnish the title in case the car is older than specific years.

Another legal requirement that you should follow before junking out the car is that the number plate should be removed. Almost all the states have the legal requirement that the number plate should be removed before it is scrapped.

Once you have made sure that the car is ready to be junked, the next thing is to cancel the insurance of your car. It is suggested to cancel the insurance of the car right when you decide to junk the car. However, some of us pay the annual insurance premiums annually and therefore it is important to make sure that you get the refund. You are entitled to the fund and therefore ask your dealer process that before you decided to junk the car.

The car can either be sold as it is or it should be strapped down if asked by the dealer. Amount that you would get from the dealer would depend on the weight of the car. So, your role here would be to make sure that the weight scale is certified. You have to see that the weight scale is not faulty or tempered as it can affect the weight of your car.