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Motorcycle Engine Types

There are many types of motorcycle engines available in the market that may confuse the novice. This wide variety is due to the need to fulfill the different performance requirements of the various motorcycle types. Below I offer a list of some basic engine types for local brands and motorcycle imports.


The single-cylinder engine is widely used in dirt bikes, scooters, and the Honda CBR250R. This type of engine has fewer parts compared to other engines and is very economical in terms of maintenance and mileage. These engines are lightweight but produce sufficient low-end power. However, they produce much vibration.


The parallel-twin engine has two cylinders placed parallel to each other above the crankshaft. The design is to enable a smoother performance compared to the single-cylinder engine. It is also referred to as inline-twins and is commonly used for commuting and in entry-level sports bikes


The V-Twin engine is by far the most popular engine configuration in North America. Its two cylinders are placed next to each other in a V-shape. This configuration is common with Harley-Davidsons, Ducatis, and Moto Guzzis. V-Twins are celebrated for their abundant low-end power and a good balance of torque. They are mostly used in cruiser bikes.

There are some vibrations in this configuration because of the narrow v-angle between the two cylinders.

Boxer Twin

This engine is found mainly in BMWs. It is praised for its reliability and performance in all riding conditions. It is perfectly balanced with a low center of gravity. The BMW GS has a boxer twin engine and it has proved itself in some of the toughest terrains. However, the 600-pound bikes can be unwieldy.

Inline-Threes or Triple

The inline triple engine is well known for its efficient power delivery due to low friction losses. It offers high acceleration due to its power delivery and narrow and compact profile. This engine type is found in Triumph sport bikes and other performance-oriented bikes.


This four-cylinder engine is very powerful, reliable, and with good performance. It is found in the Honda CB750 and the vast majority of Japanese sportbikes. It has perfect balance and is smoother than the Inline-Three.


This engine is more compact compared to the inline-4. This engine is found in the Yamaha V-Max and the Honda VFR, which are sport-touring models. It has a high-maintenance and initial cost mainly due to its complex design. However, it is smooth, has lots of torque power delivery, and also good performance. It also has an amazing V4 sound.

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Experience Superior Repair Services with Sandhurst’s Best Local Mechanics

It might have happened when you were driving down to work at the break of dawn. It might have happened when you were running errands during the day, picking the kids up from school in the afternoon, or meeting friends for a night out on the town. It might have happened on a country road, the packed streets of the city centre, or anywhere in between.

There are any number of places where an auto accident can occur, but however and whenever it happens, one thing is certain – you need to get it fixed as fast as possible.

Thankfully, the best local mechanics in Sandhurst have you covered with quality repair services.

Repair Services

Cars, trucks, motorbikes, and other vehicles are complex machines with interlinking systems. Unfortunately, this also means that there are any number of ways they can go wrong.

That’s why the best mechanics operating in the Sandhurst area offer a wide range of repair services. They can diagnose and repair any number of issues, including the following:

  • Frame damage
  • Cracked or smashed windscreens
  • Worn out brakes
  • Exhaust blockages, smog, or other issues
  • Replacing car batteries
  • Repairing your car’s radiator
  • Realigning your car’s suspension system

They can also perform MOT testing to keep your car in good condition.

Affordable Rates

You never want to find yourself forced to choose between your car and your checking account. That’s why the best mechanics operating in the Sandhurst area are proud to be able to offer the most affordable auto repair services of any team in the area.

They will review your vehicle’s condition, give you an estimate for how much it will cost to repair, and also advise you as to which parts and solutions are most cost-effective.

Keep driving toward tomorrow by calling the best local mechanic for repairs in Sandhurst today.

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Used Car Parts Are Great for Bargain Hunters

As any mechanic knows, car parts are expensive, but fortunately there are ways to lower the price you pay for these parts thanks to companies that provide you with used parts that are still in great shape. Used car parts are all the rage right now, and there is little wonder why. The companies that sell them to you only accept gently used parts that still work properly, so even though you get them at a discount, they are still able to handle the job they were meant to do.

All Types of Parts Available

If you want to donate a scrap car in Brighton, these companies will gladly take it off your hands, and they buy and sell parts such as:

  • Exhaust systems
  • Brakes and pads
  • Engines and transmissions
  • Bumpers and back lights
  • Windows and mirrors

Whether you sell them a few parts or your entire vehicle, these companies make sure that nothing goes to waste. Unless something is broken beyond repair, they can refurbish it and sell it to someone else, and the buyers are the real winners because they purchase the parts at greatly reduced prices.

They Can Help You Get Started

Whether you want to sell them something or buy parts from them, these secondhand car parts companies work closely with you so that you get what you want in the end. They buy and sell parts for any type of vehicle you own, both foreign and domestic, and they are super easy to work with every time. You can even check them out online to find out more about their business, saving you a lot of time in the process.

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All you Need to Know About Car Tyres

If you are new to driving, there’s a lot to take in; learning how to drive competently, understanding the basics of how a car works, and reading up on general maintenance. Your tyres provide essential road contact, making then a critical component from a safety point of view, and with that in mind, here are a few important aspects of tyre use and maintenance.

  • The Tread – Simply put, the tread is the flat section of the tyre that makes contact with the road, and the tread needs to be adequate to provide a channel for rainwater, while also giving you good grip on the road surface. The law in the UK states that tyres must have a minimum of 1.6mm tread depth, and anything less will not pass the annual MOT inspection. All four tyres should have the same tread pattern, which is why you should always change tyres by the pair, or all four at the same time.
  • The Sidewalls – The sidewalls on auto tyres have steel banding to prevent rupture or collapse, and steel radials are the tyres you should be looking at. You should visually inspect all 4 tyres, looking for bulges and tears in the walls, which will ensure a damaged tyre is promptly replaced. If you need to replace tyres, there are garages that provide car tyres in Bristol for affordable prices, and they would have a range of top brands.
  • Tyre Pressures – The amount of air inside your tyres must be what the manufacturer recommends, and for the average car, 32-36 psi is recommended. The information would be in the owner’s manual, which you should read thoroughly when you purchase a car, and with regular checks, you can be sure that your tyres will give you good grip.

Tyres are critical and you should make a point of inspecting them regularly.

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Buy Used Tyres UAE and Save a Big Chunk of Money

Shopping tyres UAE can be quite a daunting task if you do not have enough information and knowledge regarding what type of tires you want and from where you want to buy them. Right now there are many people who are aware of the fact that doing homework before stepping outside the homes for tire shopping can really help them while purchasing a set of tires. Internet is a great source from where a lot of information can be easily fetched. And those, who are short on their budgets, they should not be worried too.

The option of buying used tires is just the right choice for such buyers. In case you are wondering over the reasons of buying used tires when there are multiple brands selling brand new cheap priced tires, then you must know that good quality used tires are much better in performance and quality than those which are new but of low quality. Moreover, there are many other reasons, which make used tires always a better option.

  1. Affordable:

Quality used tires are available at fraction of price. They are suitable for all those customers who have tight budget and they cannot afford brand new tires. You can easily find used tires having treads still in a condition to be used for a certain period of time.

  1. Can buy single piece:

There are situations when only one tire is needed to be replaced because of any accidental damage to it. so, in this situation, you can get a tire matching to the quality and type of your existing tires and in this way, you will not be in need of replacing all four of them.

It is for sure that if you will do detailed research before buying used quality tires, then you will be more than satisfied with your purchase.

  1. Shop for old vehicle:

If you own an old vehicle and you think that there isn’t enough life left of it, then why to put so much money into it by putting brand new expensive tires. You can easily buy used tires in good condition for such high mileage car.

  1. For a leased vehicle:

In case you have a vehicle that is on lease, then buying used set of tires could be beneficial for you. if your lease is just about to over within a couple of months, then just put used tires and you can easily pass inspection test as well.

  1. Good for rough and tough drivers:

If you have teenager drivers at home or your driving is pretty rough, then you should go with the option of used tires. Chances are there that your tires usually get damaged even before their treads wear out.

In case you are fond of Bridgestone Dubai tires, even then you can save money, as there are many online stores and even local tire shops, selling used tires of this prestigious and well-known brand.

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Chic Car Accessories: 10 Options

Chic accessories for cars make the real revolution inside or outside the automotive industry. There are those who invest in them to increase the value of the automobile in the used car market, but there are also the owners who make such an investment because they appreciate getting out of the conventional. Browse today, an online store offering most of car accessories.

In this article you will know 10 chic accessories for modern cars.

  1. Apply to panel

Anyone does not regret investing in panel appliqués. Carbon, graphite, wood, silver, black, in short, there is a wide variety of colors to match the different types of interior vehicle styles.

  1. Foot rest

Standing rests are chic accessories that can promote true revolution to the interior side of the vehicle. It draws attention of positive way of the passengers.

  1. Antennas

Your car may not even need this radio feature, but it’s worth buying just to decorate and add a special touch to the automotive look, like the icing on the cake.

  1. Central multimedia

The central multimedia should combine with the automotive decoration, fitting the panel visual perfectly. Luxurious vehicles that cost millions are known because of the virtues present in multimedia centers.

  1. Wheels

For some time the wheels have been shown to the market as chic car accessories. Even vintage cars when they get this special touch are given a unique and admirable personality by lovers of the automotive world.

  1. Rear camera

The rear camera serves as an accessory both to make the outside of the car reheated. It is an inclusive factory component to enrich the look.

  1. Mirror cast

With the technology of the mirror cast it is possible to mirror the cell phone in the multimedia center of the car. It brings cutting-edge technology, a great new market.

  1. Sprint booster

In fact, the greater the number of analog or digital buttons the more chances there are of the vehicle being considered chic, at least on the inside.

  1. Compact Stainless Steel Concealer

Mouthpiece made of stainless steel with high quality. Industrial finishing in continuous welding, which ensures durability above the conventional. The acoustic material has high resistance against high temperatures, favoring the quality of sports snoring.

  1. Steering wheel

Who has popular cars knows that the steering wheels do not bring luxurious refinements. On the contrary, they sin on the “style” side and directly influence the visual.

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Ensure That Your Car Is Safe with Great Tyres

Old tyres don’t just look bad when they are on your car; they can actually put you and your passengers at risk when you are driving. Because old tyres are often worn down and do not have a lot of tread left, they are not able to grip the road as well as newer tyres are and this will put you at risk of an accident. Driving on old tyres in bad conditions, such as the rain or a snowstorm, will only increase the risk. New tyres will keep you safe no matter where you’re travelling.

Information You’ll Need

You have to have certain information about the type of tyres you need for your car before you are going to be able to order new tyres. If you do not know what kind you need, then the best way to find the right tyres for your car is to go to reputable, cheap tyre fitting services in Stourbridge. These experts will want to know:

  • The rim size
  • The tyre width
  • The tyre profile
  • What speed rating you want

Why Get Help?

Even if you think that you can find the right tyres for your car by yourself, it’s important to take your car to an expert for help. These professionals will be able to not only help you find the right tyres for your vehicle but put them on for you. Professional installation will keep you safe.

To not only enjoy your time on the road but also ensure that you and everyone else is safe, you need quality tyres. Get ones you can count on now from a reputable company.

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Roll Out with the Best Providers of High Quality Tyres

Maybe it happened when you drove over a rough patch on your way to work. Maybe it happened when you ran over some shards of glass while driving to pick the kids up from school. Or maybe it happened as the simple result of wear and tear over the years. However and whenever it happened, though, one thing is for certain – your tyres are now worn, torn, or both, and you need them fixed or replaced.

Situations like this happen every day. To reiterate, even if your tyres haven’t been outright damaged, they can still become too worn down to be safe.

When that happens, you’re going to want to look for help from the best provider of high-quality tyres in East Sussex.

Tyre Services

The best tyre outlets can offer a variety of maintenance and replacement services, including the following:

  • Fitting tyres at your convenience
  • Repairing punctured tyres
  • Effecting other repairs to your tyres
  • Ensuring that your tyres and wheels are balanced and aligned properly
  • Performing general tyre maintenance
  • Offering you a huge selection of the best tyres on the market
  • Providing great tyres for cars and vans of all sizes

Affordable Tyres

One of the most important things to take into consideration when making any automotive purchase is, of course, the price involved. That’s why the best providers of high quality tyres offer great rates on their tyres. They will sit down and work with you to provide the services you need at a rate which works for you.

Get great new tyres as well as tyre replacement services from the best tyre outlet in East Sussex.

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A Basic Guide to Replacing Wheels and Tyres

The wheels and tyres of your vehicle need to be replaced after the car hits around 40,000 kilometres. The treads on the tyres provide traction on the road, and also improve the vehicle’s braking power. With the passage of time, the treads will wear out due to the surface abrasion. This will affect the car’s performance on the road, and the braking is affected as well. If you feel that you need to change the tyres on your car, here is a brief guide that will help you.

Tyre Treads

The first and most important thing that you need to check before buying new tyres are the treads on the outer surface. Tyres that have a quality grip usually have a unique pattern that provides greater grip on the road. Some tyres are designed for off-road use, while others are only designed for on-road usage. There are several brands that offer a range of tyre models designed for different environments. Before you go shopping for new tyres, you should take a bit of time and read about the different brands and models that are readily available.

Visit the Showroom

If you are only looking for new tyres, you should check out numerous showrooms around the city. Ask a salesperson about the different models that are suitable for your car and find out the pros and cons of the different tyres available in the area. You have to visit the showroom and see the tyres for yourself before you make a purchase. Companies such as On Auto offer a complete wheel and tyre package for vehicles of different sizes, making it easy for you to choose the right one. When you open the car door on the driver’s side, the recommended tyre size is usually mentioned on the underside of the door. Only install tyres in the recommended size, because otherwise the performance of your car will be affected drastically.


Are you interested in changing the wheel set of your car as well? If you want to install new rims on your car, the most important thing you need to worry about are the weight considerations. Buying rims that are heavier than the ones that came factory fitted on your vehicle will affect the car’s performance in a negative way. It’s going to make your car slower, and the fuel efficiency will also decrease drastically.

To get the maximum benefits, you need to install wheels that are lighter than the current set you have on your car. It’s important that you only buy rims from branded companies. Make sure that the size of the rims is not too big or too low. Again, you need to make sure that only lightweight rims are used with your car.

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How to Buy Spare Parts for Your Honda

Honda is one of the leading automotive brands in the world. Formed in Japan, Honda has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of vehicles, heavy-duty equipment, engines, and even airplanes. In Australia, Honda has many dealerships and service centres through which you can buy a new vehicle. Many people love Honda vehicles simply because of their fuel efficiency as well as the comfort that they provide. These vehicles can be commonly seen on the roads of all the major cities and are also readily available through many rental companies.

However, if you own a Honda vehicle, you should know that maintenance is not as simple as you might think. Maintaining a Honda Civic or an Accord requires you to change major parts at regular intervals and you also have to make sure that you check the fluid levels from time to time. If you are looking for Honda parts in Perth, here are a few different places through which you can buy them from.

Check Online

There are plenty of websites through which you can buy spare parts for your Honda nowadays. Most local dealerships have realised the potential in selling products online and it’s become a very popular option for buying products nowadays. Whether you need to buy an air filter or any other part for your Honda vehicle, you should look for local stores that sell their parts online. However, one important thing that you should keep in mind is that there’s a considerable amount of fraud in the markets. There are many counterfeit parts and fakes in the industry that are now being sold in the local markets so there’s a chance that you might get counterfeits too. Before you place an order through any store, you should always check a few reviews online. It will give you a better idea about the kind of products that they sell as well as the quality of service that the place offers.

Look for Local Dealerships and Stores

There are hundreds of auto stores throughout Perth. However, you have to be careful that you buy from an authorised reseller or someone who has a license from Honda to stock their parts. If there’s a local Honda dealership in your area, you can get your parts through them as well. There’s a considerable amount of information about local businesses available online so you can take a look at their social media pages to find out the kind of parts that they stock. Keep in mind that all new Honda parts come with a warranty as well so make sure that you keep the receipt with you. Follow these tips to get the best Honda parts!