The first plug-in hybrid car from Audi, with the name A3 e-Tron arrived with its 2018 version as a fully-electric car. This accomplished five-door A3e-Tron is based on the technology that relaysthe Power through a six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. Being an easy to drive car the new e-Tron, it can tackle the city rides as well as long cross-country trips equally well.

Powertrain Impact

As shared by the San Jose Audi dealer, the 2018 A3 e-Tronis available in three powertrain modes namely: the EV, the Hybrid and the Battery Hold. The EV runspurely on electric power with a range of 15-20 miles, which is fairly realistic. The Hybrid runs by power both extracted from electric and petrol, while the Battery Hold basically preserves the battery for emergencies and depends on the petrol engine for all its moves.

Driving Impressions

When we talk about riding comfort, the e-Tron of 2018gives it all the way even when rolling on high-speed on undulated surface.It makes you feel settled, secured and comfortable in almost every situation. The e-tron makes a strong statement on refinement. Even the worst critic would not be able do pick point even a slightest of vibration or a noise even when the petrol engine is kicked.

Though it might not look that futuristic inside as you find it in BMW i3, but the e-Tron is able to draw your attention with its clean look, and the minimalistic style of the dash without a trace of anyill-organized array of buttons. On the contrary, the controls you see there are the bare minimum and strictly essential, like heating and AC, that don’t need you to stretch or bend hard to grab them.

Many functionalities of the car are controlled with the rotary dial placed along the menu buttons behind the gear, and the prominent 7.0 inchestouchscreen display leaps out of the dashboard to make everything visible for all. The SAT-NAV and DAB radio as entertainment features come standard, in addition to the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

The Interior

The A3 e-Tron is a model from the premium vehicle manufacturer Audi which is known to the world for designing the best in class finished cabins. Undoubtedly, the surface of the e-Tronbears the look and feel of being upmarket, with materials soft to touch and hard to tear.The switches work withpromptness andprecision.

The Power of Solar

In collaboration with SunPower, the e-Tron offers the most efficient solar panels as the best home battery storage solution, reducing the energy costs once for all.

Carbon Offsets

With the usage of battery and solar energy the Carbon offsets of e-Tron has lowered to almost nilletting the environment breathe fresh even when it passes by. As per the information gathered from the San Jose Audi dealer, to contribute more for a greener world,Audi is joiningthe movements to stop deforestation and mitigating the harmful gas emissions that spoil the atmosphere.

The Bottom Line

The A3 e-Tron offers an impressive performance with the perfect combination of gas and electric power, that soars up the horsepower to 204 and a 258 lb.-ft of torque ensuring better performance leaving many conventional and hybrid cars behind.