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There are so many options are available in the market when you are looking for buying used cars. The market for used cars is very vast where people go and search the used car according to their requirement and their choice. The used cars in Sevierville have a very big market for used cars. But there is some sort of things that you need to know before buying a used car or an old car. You must be sure about the car’s history and cross-checked about it. Sometimes the possibility exists that few cheaters people sold the theft cars. You must be aware of that point of view and ask the owner or a dealer to show the legal documents of the used car. You must tell the owner to inform you about the selling of the car to RTO at least before fourteen days.  Ask the owner or dealer to show the registration certificate to you what they got from the RTO.

That document will show you all the basic information about the vehicle. It is necessary to match the number of engine and chassis of the car from the certificate. According to the government rule, these two numbers are the same on paper as well as engine and chassis. Sometimes it happens because of any damage in engine or chassis by an accident, these parts are replaced. But in that case, you should inform the RTO about the replacement and change the number on the certificate. One more certificate that you need to ask for is its insurance paper. Find the information about the car accident and how many times they claimed for it. Because the cost of the car depends on it. Check about all the regular payment of premiums. It will show you whether it is paid regularly or not and also tells about the expiry of the insurance.

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Buying your first used car

When you decide to buy a selected car first transfer the insurance paper on your name. Check the service book before purchasing the vehicle. You can find all the history of that specific car from the service book. It will also tell you about has the car been serviced on time or not. The other important paper that people generally not ask from the owner is the road tax receipt. When someone is buying a new car then the cost of a road tax is added with the cost of a new car. People generally avoid depositing this tax which in result turns into a heavy cost by adding heavy penalty into it. So it is better to check it before buying otherwise that charge will fall on you.