Well, there is a lot more to it than simply purchasing a car cover. Size does matter, but so do quality, durability, and price. Let’s examine some of the fundamentals in selecting a car cover for vehicle.

Car covers — or weather covers as some prefer to call them — have been successfully covering vehicles for several generations now thanks to the ingenious and persistent work of designers who properly measure each new model to make sure that every cover is custom fitted. One of the first companies to get started in the business was Covercraft, founded in 1965 in Southern California. Covercraft, like so many American success stories, was a two man operation that outfitted car covers for street rods, import makes including Porsche, and for the aftermarket supply network. There are other brands on the market; however Covercraft is dominant and favored by automobile wholesalers such as the Auto Parts Warehouse.

When selecting your car cover, you will learn that a manufacturer can make several different car covers for one model. Basic covers offer limited protection from such hazards as bird excrement and flying debris while premium car covers offer extensive protection from the following:

Harmful and penetrating solar rays.

Moisture, including rain, snow, sleet, hail, and ice.

Flying debris and/or small impacts to the vehicle’s body: dings, scratches.

Pollution, dirt, and dust.

Bird excrement, tree sap, etc.

The top of the line car covers typically come with mirror pockets to give your vehicle the best fit. Most car covers are generally made of 1, 2, 3, or 4 layers of durable polypropylene [a thermoplastic polymer that is highly resistant to acid and chemical solvents]; more layers mean better protection for your vehicle from the above mentioned hazards.

So, aren’t weather covers for people who park their vehicles outside, hence the name? No, garaged vehicles are also subject to pollution and dirt; if you are interested in keeping your car looking showroom new than a car cover makes perfect sense.

Prices can range from approximately $45 to just over $200 for a top of the line model. You can save money by purchasing from an online wholesaler who will obtain the car cover directly from the manufacturer, bypassing the middleman. Most car covers come with a warranty and should give your car years of protection for a small amount of money.

Matthew C. Keegan is a professional freelance writer residing in North Carolina, USA. Matt operates several automotive websites including Auto Trends and The Auto Writer.

Tips to Better Understand Your Auto Insurance Cover Needs

Owning a car is burdensome because aside from the cost in obtaining it, you also need to consider the insurance cost, which you have to renew annually. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to acquire an auto insurance cover even if your state does not require it compulsory because inevitable events happen at the very least expected time. The key strategy in cutting off your expenses for your insurance is to understand some factors that affect the quote for your premium, be keen for discounts and maximize the benefits offered by an insurance company.

Some factors that affect your premium quote

Your profile surelyaffects your quote. Check into the following factors: your age, your driving record, the car that you are driving and where you live. It follows that if you are a teenager driver, then your quote will be higher, also when you are considered in the older bracket already. Poor driving record reflects higher risk so expect a higher quote. In addition, some cars are considered high risk too thus, it entails higher premium.

The coverage that you wish to be added in your policy will increase your premium. Some people opt to buy additional coverage for their peace of mind even if it is not mandated by law. Comprehensive coverage for example, is not a requirement when purchasing your auto insurance. However, some feel the need to pay additional amount for this because it includes such perils as “acts of God,” as termed by most insurance policies. This encompasses situations where the car is damaged or lost due to natural calamities.

Your deductible, which refers to the amount of your participation in cases of lost or damage. Compare the amount and the benefit that you could enjoy by raisin g your deductible. It may happen that by raising your deductible, you could cut cost on your total premium. Since you will be paying more on the cost of car repair in case your car is exposed to the insured perils, then the insurance company would be paying less, thus the premium they will quote is lower. This is a good option for drivers who do not frequent accidents. If you are driving recklessly, this option may not be for you.

Choosing the right insurer

Too many options are out there. It is a challenge for you to pick the insurer that could give you the best option.

Check on discounts

Auto insurance companies usually offer discounts to mark a difference between their offer from that of other companies.

What Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover?

You may have heard about the different types of auto insurance coverage, but one of the best one is comprehensive coverage because if you car is totaled but due to any circumstances unrelated to a car accident, comprehensive insurance will pay for it. Comprehensive auto insurance covers damage caused by wind, earthquake, flood, natural disasters, weather damage, vandalism and any other unpredictable events that you are not responsible.

If you are are paying your car with a loan, you will need to have comprehensive coverage. Also if you purchase a luxury or very expensive car is recommended to have this type of coverage to protect your investment. The common deductible is about $250 and $500 for each incident. The higher your deductible the lower your premium cost would be. One of the advantages of smaller deductibles is that some body shops may not claim them if they need to do major repairs on your car.

But if you choose to get a higher deductible, be aware that you need to have the cash in case of an accident. Keep in mind that if the value of the car isn’t worth it, carrying comprehensive coverage may not be of value to you. If your vehicle is only worth a few thousand dollars then is not recommended to get comprehensive insurance.

You should read your insurance policy and ask you insurance agent exactly what does your policy covers and what not. If the damage to your car is caused by inappropriate maintenance then your policy may not cover it.

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Finding Quality Car-Covers Online

Looking for something to protect your car? Want to know what to look for in the right one? You are also probably looking for the best one at the lowest price as well. There are many styles and brands to choose from and it is often quite overwhelming. While only you can find the brand that fits you the best, here are some of the things to look for so you can get the best for your money.

One of the first things that should come to mind is why do you want a car cover in the first place. If you are always parked inside a garage all the time, do you really need one that is waterproof, or one that will just prevent dust build-up? If your vehicle is parked in the elements, how much and what kind of protection do you think you will need? Do you live in a mild climate, or someplace where the elements are harsher?

Many brands of car covers  provide a wide range of quality car coverings. Their least expensive products are quite reasonable, and have features that include, water repellent fabric that still prevents molding, UV weather protection, as well as many others. Most  brands are suitable and  useful for light weather conditions.

Car covers have been on the market for over a hundred years have have been proven as a reliable way of protecting a car from the harsh weather that vehicles have to stand up to. Most car covers on the market today hare made from a breathable membrane that helps to prevent condensation building up whilst being covered.

Whether you want something simple or the latest technology which ever brand you choose make sure that it suits your needs. The colder more harsh the climate you live in the more durable of a material, water proof and able to repel abrasives. Even if a company has free shipping or some deal on a product, always check with each company about their warranty, and return policies. If there is any with less than a year warranty go somewhere else. Quality companies expect you to use there products a long time, and provide a warranty of at least one year. If there is an extended warranty offered on top of that take it. It is better to have it and not need it than for you to have a problem the day after the warranty expired. While no product brand will last forever, the longer it lasts, them more likely you are to come back for either replacement, or for other vehicles, or when you recommend friends.

Buy Mustang Technalon Car Covers Protecting Your Investments

The Mustang is a beauty, and their owners feel privileged to have one. It’s not a run of the mill auto, and creates a real impression.

However it is not simple to maintain a one. Come Sunday mornings, drivers will generally find themselves spending long hours cleaning and polishing their body so they don’t loose their luster and shine. They take care to remove every little stain that has made it’s way on to the body during the week.

It’s really a pity though, because all this time, effort and money could be saved with the one off investment of a Mustang car cover. This relatively inexpensive accessory has endless advantages, and is so simple to use.

This craft, has a unique for layered fabric for the maximum protection possible. And is naturally resistant to rain, sleet, snow, sun, that is to say, virtually everything. Any climate condition that may have a adverse affect on your ride, doesn’t stand a chance with this.

The material used for manufacturing the Technalon, is breathable so that although moisture cannot come in, it can be let out. The exterior can still ‘sweat’ without the inside becoming steamed up, moldy or rusty whilst its under the protection. At the same time, the its making sure that the rain, sleet, snow cannot enter through, and eat away at the paint work.

Since the car cover is naturally resistant to the sun too, the uv rays will be unable to bleach the exterior either. The vehicle also will not get overheated, and therefore unbearable stuffy to drive. Often the interior workings of a auto can get ruined when exposed to the sun. Having such protection, will eliminate this risk.

It goes without saying that this will protect the vehicle against tree sap, birds muck and other sorts of natural staining. This stains can be an absolute nightmare to get rid of, and can have long lasting affects of the vehicle’s exterior.

Covercraft have specially designed this one to be four layered as this then has a cushioning effect on the vehicle so that it will not scratched and or dented. As people walk past they could accidentally scratch or knock the Mustang, leaving an awful mark. Also sometimes twigs, stones, and little bits of rubble get caught up in a wind storm, and scratch the vehicle as they fly by. The cover will be able to shield the auto from any such incidents.

They are easy to put on and take off as it is elasticized both at the front and rear ends. It also comes in gray, tan and blue, to ensure that the Mustang looks good all the time.

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