The concept of self-driving trucks is widely spreading like wildfire in the trucking industry, gaining just as much traction as self-driving cars. However, this technology is not as straightforward as it may seem. There are many factors that come into play while designing and operating a self-driving truck: the distance they are expected to cover, conditions of the roads, weather, etc. And when you draw a comparison with self-driving cars, the weight of trucks, and the weight that they have to carry as load is much higher.

This new technology has a host of benefits to offer. Self-driving trucks will end up replacing a big part of manpower, which will enable lower operational costs and can make the entire process of driving absolutely automated.

Along with that, self-driving trucks with their technology can minimize the number of accidents occurring due to over exertion of drivers or wrong decisions taken in the spur of the moment. Self-driving trucks can be coded with programmes with routes and sensors which will enable to make decisions more accurately and smartly. Also, these trucks would minimise the time duration of exporting the goods and the rules that specify the loads weight and traffic rules would be more properly followed.

Self-driving trucks would be driving on the designated route without any interference or unscheduled routing. This automated routing will be more viable for stable traffic on the roads and highways. Trucks no longer have to be driven neck to neck; the distance between trucks would be more easier to maintain.

A problem that seems to be bubbling on the horizon is compliance and adherence to regulations. And if there is any breach, there are no stringent laws that are governing the execution of rules. As a result, there would essentially be no one to take responsibility in the event of any accident or other faults. Then comes another issue of who would look after the trucks like their service, changing oil, checking brakes, cleaning and replacement of tyres etc. while the vehicle is on the road.

While these problems are being worked upon, the world is quickly embracing this technology, with places like California where these trials are being evaluated by the government. Many industries too along the world have taken self-driving trucks on a trial basis.

This technological advancement is sure to create new job opportunities on the technical front, even if there is a decline in jobs on the field. There will be much less co-dependency, and a much more streamlined manner of shipping and transportation.

What could be the right decision totally relies on going hand-in-hand with technology. Drivers and technology can exist coherently; these autonomous trucks can be programmed to run on auto pilot mode.

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