All of the major auto makers have a past present and future for them. When looking at the many eras of the different brands they each have an interesting scenario. For individuals who are looking for an economical and trustworthy vehicle for that present to carry them well into the future then take a look at what Long Beach Toyota provides.

When looking at the past present and future inside the Toyota lineup focusing on their sports cars it is interesting to note that throughout the years Toyota hasn’t put a great deal of increased exposure of the sports car model but have still been linked to some production of them.

The very first sports car produced by Toyota was the Yota Hatchi which was in production from 1965 to 1969. This vehicle never managed to get to the US from Japan and there were only 3,130 of these made. Additionally they produced the 2000 GT, which again was a limited production plus it was only purchased in Japan.

For today we are looking at the Scion FR-S/Toyota 86. This is basically the sports coupe with the rear wheel drive that Toyota developed jointly with Subaru. Looking towards future based upon this well accepted current sports model of Toyota, it would seem that this auto manufacturer is going to go ahead with enthusiasm in developing more sports cars.

Whenever one wants to have a good idea of where a car manufacturer goes in the future this is certainly always portrayed through their concept vehicles. This gives you a really good insight as to the thinking and potential planning for the future. When it comes to exploring the history of the automakers it’s just a matter of going back and looking at their previous lineup of vehicles, and naturally for the present it’s checking out what is of available readily to you that you can buy.

If we were to go back soon enough and check out the first vehicle that Toyota produced it will be the Toyota AA. Then heading towards future have a look at the concept vehicles that Toyota has brought forward which there are many of, two that made their debut at the October 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. This was the Toyota S-FR which is an entry level lightweight sports car, and the Toyota KIKAI which is being most recognized for its beauty. For a vehicle that you are in need of right now then check out the great selection at