If you have decided to have a DIY move, and you are looking for the best vehicles to rent, you should first consider how big your move actually is. If you are moving form an apartment or a smaller house, you can consider renting a van instead of a truck. However, if you want a comfortable move, renting a truck might be the best option.

Ask your family and friends to help you!

The right provider

The first thing you need to do is take your time, and research for a good provider. There are many rental companies out there, and they tend to be very similar but different. You need to find a provider with a good reputation and satisfied customers. Check out expert truck rental Melbourne from Go With The Gecko if you are interested in truck rentals.

Create a checklist

After that make sure to create a checklist, something that will help you stay on track. Sometimes, we can forget the most important things, and once the movers arrive, it is really not fun to keep them waiting and waste our money, while we do things, we could have previously accomplished. Thus, keeping a checklist is one of the better options.

Pack on time!

The biggest mistake people usually make is that they do not start packing on time. They often think that one or two days of prior packing is enough before the movers arrive. However, if you want to pack everything and organize things in a way that it will make the unpacking process much easier, you need to start on time.

You should start at least a week before the actual move, as this will give you time to organize everything. Make sure that you start collecting boxes way before that week, so you have everything prepared, and in case you are missing something you always have time to purchase it on time.

Label all the boxes, and it is also a good idea to start packing by the rooms. This way, once you are settled in your new home, unpacking will be a breeze, because you know which box belongs where. Labeling is very important!

Pack on time

Choose the vehicle of the right size

One last check!

Once everything is loaded on the truck, make sure to have one last walkthrough, so you see if you forgot anything. This is as important as hiring the proper movers. In case you are interested, you can check out truck hire in Sydney from Go With The Gecko, or hire movers that are a bit more local. Just make sure to pick a company with a good reputation.

Final word

Take your time, and do your research before you rent just any vehicle with any of the providers you see first. There is such a thing as renting a proper and an unpractical vehicle for your needs. If you are moving, however, renting a truck might be one of the better options!