We go to great lengths to avoid taking our cars to the mechanic.

There are stories circulating of Britons placing stickers over their console lights to mask various issues, sliding hand gloves over faulty windshield wipers, and some people have even used leather belts to prop up sagging mufflers.

Your Vehicle Upkeep Checklist

Whether you have a 25-year-old Austin Metro or a brand-new Mercedes A-Class, you should adhere to a straightforward monthly routine and monitor the following aspects:

  • Look for punctures and signs of aging on your tyres, and make sure your wheels are fully inflated year-round. Under-inflated tyres will wear much quicker and ruin your fuel economy.
  • Clean the brake residue and scum off of your wheels to prolong the life cycle of your brake pads.
  • Top off your oil tank with manufacturer-approved engine oil in between changes, but be mindful of severe oil depletions because this might be symptomatic of a leak.
  • If a console bulb turns on, follow the “three day rule,” which urges all vehicle owners to arrange a professional diagnostic test as soon as possible.
  • Avoid aggressive acceleration that skyrockets your rotations per minute (RPM), as this will help preserve your belts, cylinders, and other components.

Above all else, make sure you avail yourself of experienced car servicing in Sutton Coldfield once every six months, because routine car health check-ups are just what the doctor ordered.

Routine Servicing Is the Key

Over the span of five years, those who facilitate bi-annual diagnostic tests actually end up devoting 37% less money to parts replacements, transmission repairs, and other automotive work.

People who look the other way tend to spend huge chunks of money every year just to stay on the road, so don’t give a cold shoulder to your precious automobile.