Chipped Windscreens

The windscreen on your car is primarily designed to stop debris from flying into the car as well as to protect the passengers in the interior from the weather and to stop any serious injuries occurring in the event of a crash. However, sometimes the windscreen in your car can become damaged as a result of a number of different reasons. If you want to prevent your windscreen from being damaged by chips, cracks or scratches then you should follow these simple tips while also knowing the options in your area where you can repair or replace your windscreen if necessary. Indeed, you may drive a car which uses a high-quality glass material for the windscreen but it is still made of glass and can become cracked or chipped easily as a result of several reasons.

Debris on the road

One of the main causes of a chipped or cracked windscreen is the presence of debris on the road including pebbles, stones or rocks, which can be thrown up into the path of your car by other vehicles. Furthermore, objects falling from other vehicles can cause damage to your windscreen. Indeed, any type of projectile which is travelling at high speed can cause the glass in your windscreen to crack or shatter very easily. However, there is not much that a driver can do in the event of being hit by a stone or another object. If you have a problem with your windscreen you should contact a company which provides windscreen chip replacement in Derbyshire to talk to an expert today. Furthermore, if you leave a long distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you, as well as reducing your speed when you are overtaking or travelling on an unpaved road, then you can also reduce the likelihood of damage to your windscreens by reducing your speed.

Weather conditions

Furthermore, the weather can also have a significant impact on any damage to your windscreen, especially from falling branches or other items which can be blown around by high winds. This is particularly prevalent if you live in an area which is exposed or by the sea. Therefore, if you want to protect your windscreen, then maybe you should consider parking your car in a garage whilst staying at home during periods of particularly bad weather.

Temperature changes

Another significant cause of damage to car windscreens can be a large change in the outside temperature. This change could result in the glass contracting or expanding while one of the best tips that you can follow to stop this particular situation from occurring is to avoid any dramatic change in the temperature of the windscreen. Many people during the winter months think that boiling a kettle of water and pouring it on the windscreen is the fastest way to defrost any ice which may have formed overnight. However, this sudden change in temperature on your windscreen can cause the glass to crack. Instead, you should turn your car engine on and leave the automatic defrosting devices that are embedded in the windows to gradually clear any ice or snow from your windscreen.

Low quality glass

You may also suffer from cracks or chips in your windscreen if the glass itself has a number of structural weaknesses. These could become apparent very quickly in the event of a stone hitting the windscreen as it may crack around the outside.

You should try to prevent any unnecessary damage to your windscreen by following these simple and easy tips.