Given the extensive history of automobiles and fuel-powered engines, it is actually quite difficult to pinpoint exactly who invented the first car. On one hand, Leonardo da Vinci began creating intricate sketches of mechanical carriages as early as the 15th century but, on the other hand, Karl Friedrich Benz manufactured the first official gasoline-operated vehicle hundreds of years later in 1885.

In any case, contemporary cars, trucks, and SUVs are fascinating in their own right, which is why we’ve decided to highlight some obscured facts and figures regarding these integral transportation machines.

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Automotive Industry

Over the past few years, researchers and analysts have been able to compile some fascinating information about automobiles:

  • There are currently over one billion cars in the world and almost 40 million of them are driving on roadways in the UK.
  • On average, drivers in the United Kingdom will spend 100 days stuck in traffic during the course of their lives.
  • The typical vehicle contains upwards of 28,000 distinctive parts and components.
  • The record for most miles ever put on a single car is three million, a feat achieved by Irv Gordon and his two-door Volvo coupe.

As you can see by now, modern vehicles are truly amazing but if you’d like to prolong the lifespan of your precious car and perhaps reach three million miles on your odometer one day, it’s in your best interest to partner with an experienced car garage in Hamilton.

Your Local Mechanics Can Provide a Comprehensive Service

Regardless of whether you’d like to schedule a diagnostic checkup, AC replacement, MOT test, or any other type of vehicular service, your neighbourhood garage specialists can tailor a cost-effective plan according to your unique needs.

Best of all, they can also provide an inclusive collection and delivery service to ensure that your daily routine remains unaffected during repairs so be sure to visit your local service centre to speak with a friendly expert at your earliest convenience.