How to Save Money (And the Environment) With Used Car Parts

Owning a vehicle can be quite costly, that’s not surprising or newsworthy. But, did you know that there are ways to bring some of the unwanted costs down? And also help out the environment whilst you’re at it? Purchasing used car parts is often overlooked or dismissed as a valid, cost-effective, environmentally friendly option, so let’s break down how and why they’re so effective. 

How will they save me money?  

Firstly, as a vehicle owner, you’ll be incredibly lucky to avoid having to purchase auto parts at some point or another. There are many reasons you should consider buying used car parts, the main one being the price. 

Nearly all of the time, used car parts will be half – if not even less – the price of a brand-new part. The key thing to note about the price of your used car part is that a lot of the time the price will vary depending on where you’re buying it from.  

For instance, if you’ve explored the junkyard and found the perfect part there, then this will most likely be for a very low price. They tend to be selling these parts from vehicles that are otherwise damaged and sometimes you may even be asked to take the part off of the car yourself, though this will normally come with an added discount.  

Of course, junkyards aren’t the only place you can find quality used car parts, as many new car part stores will also sell their used counterparts. These parts will have been re-manufactured, so in other words, repaired or restored to their original condition.

Now obviously these parts are still technically ‘used’, however, due to the high quality of their condition, these parts will be a lot more expensive than the quotes you’ll receive at the junkyard. There is a bonus here though, in that most of the time you’ll receive a warranty, albeit limited, on the part in question. 

Did you also know that if you head over to a store to buy a used car part, sometimes you can take your current, broken part with you for a part exchange thus lowering your costs even further? They will then re manufacture your part and the whole circular process will continue. 

How will they save the environment? 

No matter where you buy your used car parts, the bottom line is that you’ll be helping the environment. Like everything else, recycling has a large impact on the amount that’s taken to landfill and also helps reduce the need for new parts to be made.  

Although a lot of vehicles get compacted (or sometimes recycled), a large number of individual parts still manage to find their way to landfill. Whether that’s by accident, or perhaps just because the part didn’t sell. Purchasing used car parts can help prevent this.  

It goes without saying that if more and more car parts are being recycled, then the need for brand new replacement parts will diminish. But it’s not just the parts going to landfill that you’ll be reducing, you’ll also be lowering the number of fuels that would have been used to help create the parts.