Different types of road accidents or mishaps can cause damage to a car, especially the vehicle’s windows (e.g. Windshield, rear window, side windows). But thanks to methods like auto glass replacement Fairfax, you can resolve this issue and bring the back that brand-new look of your automobile.

If You’re Replacing your Windshield, Beware of These:

There’s only one technician replacing your windshield. For a windshield to be replaced properly, at least two technicians are needed. If you only see one technician doing this job on your car, chances are — the final output will be sub-par from the quality you deserve.

The technicians don’t wear any gloves. The hands of the installers working on your auto glass replacement Fairfax can get too oily oftentimes. This is why it’s a standard operating procedure for them to wear gloves. If oils are transferred on your new windshield, it might cause leaks in the future.

Some Precautionary Measures

Auto glass replacement Fairfax companies know that the next 24 hours after getting a new windshield is a very crucial time. As it is when your newly-installed window is most fragile, it is a must to be extra careful. Check out these precautionary measures:

Leave the tape on your new windshield for at least 24 hours. Most technicians use a tape to protect the adhesives from dust, dirt and other debris while waiting for it to completely dry.

Never, ever drive before the recommended time. Adhesives take around eight hours to harden. For it to effectively hold your windshield in place, don’t drive right away as the slightest bump can cause your windshield to shift.

Take safe routes. Once you can already drive your car, consult the map and take safe routes. Avoid roads where there are a lot of construction projects.

Avoid car washing after getting your windshield replaced. Within three days after your new windshield was installed, don’t subject your automobile yet to a car wash. Cleaning agents can cause damage to the seal of the glass.

Inspecting Your Windshield

Auto glass replacement Fairfax can be costly. Follow these simple tips to make sure you didn’t get duped into paying for an improperly installed or defective windshield:

Keep an eye on how your new windshield performs. When you drive, check out if your windshield is rattling or bouncing. If it does, it can be traced to the improper fitting or weak adhesion of the glass to your car.

Observe how your new windshield looks like. A windshield that looks wavy or crooked is a tell-tale sign it was not installed correctly.

Check if there’s unnecessary noise when you drive fast. If you hear a strange noise whenever you’re driving at higher speeds, it’s because the sound of the wind is getting into some cracks were your windshield was poorly installed.

You see water leaking through your windshield. Something is obviously wrong with your new windshield if you observe water seeping in through it. You might observe this while driving while it’s raining, or when you take your vehicle for a car wash.

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