Keeping a car squeaky clean outside is pretty easy. All it takes is a run through the car wash or a little soap, a sponge, and a hose to get the job done. A dirty car interior, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to deal with on your own. After all, there are many different types of surfaces inside a car, from your car interior lights to your leather seats, and you can’t use the same cleaning product on all of them. Still, it is possible to clean the inside of your car from the floors to the LED interior lights on the dome yourself. This guide will tell you how!

  1. Begin with an All-Over Wipe. You’ll be amazed at how much dirt you can remove just by running a microfiber cloth over every surface on the inside of your car. Dry microfiber can wick away oils and dirt that are lingering on upholstery, metal, glass, vinyl, and the interior car lights (see without scratching. Starting off this way will help to make every part of the interior easier to clean.
  1. Use Leather Cleaner on the Seats and Trim. Apply a spray cleaner made specifically for leather directly to all of the leather surfaces in your car. Immediately, wipe the cleaner off with a lint free 100 percent cotton towel or cloth.
  1. Moisturize Leather with an Auto Leather Conditioner. Best applied with a foam sponge, leather conditioner helps to prevent sun damage to a car interior, and leaves leather feeling supple and looking shiny.
  1. Wipe Down Suede and Suedette with a Damp Cloth. Suede and faux suede can be easily damaged by chemicals, so your best bet is to use plain water to wipe it clean.
  2. Vacuum Carpeting. Use a hand vacuum or standard vacuum with a hose attachment to remove debris from carpeted surfaces.
  1. Clean Carpets with Auto Carpet Cleaner. Apply just a light coating and wipe away with a clean cotton cloth. If you really want to make the carpets look great, finish by using a carpet brush to fluff up the pile. You’ll be amazed at how it makes the pattern of the carpet look fresh and new.
  1. Wash Windows and Mirrors with Auto Glass Cleaner. To avoid streaks use this process:
  • Apply the spray cleaner to the entire glass surface.
  • Wipe the edge with a lint-free cloth.
  • Wipe the center of the window or mirror.
  • Turn the cloth to the dry side and wipe from top to bottom, working from left to right.
  1. Use a Plastic Cleaner on Interior Car Lights and Other Plastics. Only approved plastic cleaners and soft cloths should be used on car interior lights to avoid damage. Use caution when spraying these cleaning products, as they can stain other surfaces in the car interior.
  2. Get Metal Sparkling with Car Soap & Polish. Auto soap and water is the best way to remove grime from metal. Then, you can restore the shine with a metal polish.
  1. Freshen Up with an Odor Eliminator Spray. Make sure you choose a product that is specifically labeled as an odor eliminator and not an air freshener. Eliminators actually neutralize the cause of bad odors, while air fresheners just mask them. Spray the odor eliminator on the seats and carpeting, as well as in the air vents, as these are the places where odors tend to linger the longest.
  1. Clean the Tonneau Cover with Mild Soap. (Optional) Tonneau covers are highly waterproof but they can be easily damaged by harsh soaps. Use a mild dish soap or specialty tonneau cleaner and test a small area before applying it all over. Once you’re sure the soap is safe, you can wet the tonneau liberally and then wipe it clean with a very soft cloth.

Plan to spend an entire morning or afternoon completing your top to bottom car interior cleaning. Once you’ve finished the job, you can maintain that fresh, clean look with shorter monthly touch-ups.

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