Rent a car or use your own? A rental car can be a good option to move freely during the holidays without having to make the entire trip to the destination driving. Additional reading Also to supply the need to have a vehicle when you do not have your own or if the one you have is small when you need to make a move, for example. But also to give yourself a treat driving the desired car if it is out of your way.

Renting a vehicle is very simple and in a couple of minutes it is possible to make a reservation, however, there are several factors that must be taken into account when doing it so that its cost does not go out of budget and is the right vehicle for it. What do you need? In addition to paying attention when choosing the rental car to the type of vehicle you wish to rent, you also need to pay attention to other factors, such as the insurance that is linked, the mileage, the fuel policy and, course, the rate and its lax car rental supplements.

Place of reception and return of the vehicle

  • The first thing you have to take into account when renting a car is the place where you want to pick it up and where you want to make the return when the last day you have contracted. Most companies allow you to perform each of these operations in a different office, so that you can pick it up, for example, near the airport, and return it to the station if you are going to return home by train.
  • The number of offices of the company will depend on the location where you want to rent. Thus, in large cities you may find many collection and return points, while in others you may be forced to perform both operations in the same office because there is no other. Of course, in any case bear in mind that some companies apply a charge for “one way”, that is, for delivering the car in an office other than the one in which it was collected.

Airport taxes, stations and hotels

Can you pick up a car at the hotel or at the airport gate? If the company you choose has offices at the airport, at the train or bus station or a car-to-hotel service, you will not have any problem picking it up there. In principle, the price of the same car does vary according to the rental office where you pick it up .Those located at airports are usually the cheapest due to the wide range of existing services.

Dates and times of rental

You should also take into account the dates on which you want to rent the car and that occasionally companies can establish a minimum mandatory rental duration below which you can not have one of their cars.