If you want to sell your motorbike, you can do so online. In fact, you can obtain an instant quote by simply entering your motorbike’s registration number. You can also obtain a quote by entering the bike’s make and model details. Once you sell the bike, it is collected free of charge.

In order to obtain a valuation, you need to include the condition of your motorbike and the mileage. You also need to include the colour of the bike and how many previous owners it has had. Any other details that you believe are pertinent should be included too.

How the Money Is Typically Used

Some people use the money they make from a bike they sell through WeBuyAnyBike to buy another motorbike. They either use the money for a down payment or direct the money toward a better second-hand bike.

Check the Tyres on an Older Bike

When reviewing an older make and model motorbike, you want to note a number of features. For example, check the tyres on an older model bike. Worn tyres are never good as they present a hazard and devalue the worth of the bike. Also, note any marks or irregularities on the framework or wheels.

Are the Electrics in Good Condition?

The electrics of a bike should definitely be checked. Review the operation of the horn, indicators, and all of the lights. Make sure that you inspect the security key as well. When you start the bike, the engine should sound clear and run smoothly. Whilst the bike is running, look for any engine leaks or loose fittings.

Take the Bike for a Test Ride

A test ride will help you further determine the condition of a bike. Usually, it is best to test the bike on a major motorway so you can hear the engine and see how the bike handles. Try to ride the bike at a time when distractions are minimal. Whilst you are navigating the bike, test the acceleration and go through the gears. Also check out the brakes. Take a look at the bike’s tax expiry date. Review the paperwork during the transaction, too. Always check the dates on the documentation.

Get the Best Deal – Selling or Buying

Check the bike you sell online before making a purchase. The bike should be in good condition. Create a checklist so you can make an inspection more easily. Also, create a similar checklist when you are in the market to buy a bike. By taking this approach, you will get the best deal regardless of whether you are selling or buying.

Why Selling Online Is Better

Take time today to explore your options online. Selling online can prevent any of the following situations:

  • People who kick the tyres
  • Charges for advertising the bike
  • A bounced check from an untrustworthy buyer
  • Haggling
  • A test rider who is not covered by insurance
  • Canvassing

As you can see, selling a bike online is a better solution. Whether you plan to purchase a new or second-hand bike, this form of selling leads to positive results.