CEAT CZAR Tyres are gaining a lot of popularity among Indian masses. There are three CEAT CZAR Variants for SUVs, which are CZAR H/T, CZAR A/T and CZAR HP. Below given is the list of all the key features of CZAR tyre models. You can buy CEAT CZAR H/T tyres, CZAR A/T tyres and CZAR HP tyres online in India from the TyreCafe.


CEAT CZAR H/T tyres are ideal for highway drives. These tyres have great control over the roads and give a smooth ride even on high speeds. Designed for SUVs, this tyre has a strong construction that improves its durability. With optimized tread pattern, these tyres have good traction on the road and they also reduce noise while moving.

Features and Advantages –

  • The presence of joint-less cap ply improves puncture resistance
  • There are strong shoulder blocks present on the tyre to improve cornering and dry grip
  • The rim is always safe even on rough roads with the help of a special rim protector
  • This tyre has a 2D-teeth tread design for superior grip on the road
  • The presence of a wide centre rib gives improved handling
  • With high strength load, these tyres give a smooth and comfortable ride
  • These tyres have improved mileage


CEAT CZAR A/T tyres can be used on smooth roads as well as on rugged terrains. These tyres have been designed to provide optimum stability and control on all types of road conditions. The presence of a rim protector saves the sidewalls from damaging early, which makes the tyre durable and strong. This SUV tyre is meant for all types of tracks, be it on road, off road, wet tracks or dry tracks.

Features and Advantages –

  • The tread pattern of this tyre blocky and provide superior wet and dry grip
  • The sidewall protector on this tyre makes it resistance to cuts and damages
  • The tyre has superior handling due to the presence of a unique five-rib design
  • The tyre has 2D-teeth sipes that increase its cornering abilities
  • The tyres have an increased strength load, and they also give a good mileage


CEAT CZAR HP tyres are high-performance tyres that give you the freedom of moving at a high speed without making noise. These tyres also ensure that the car has control over every type of road condition. Ideal for city and highway drives, this helps the SUV to deliver its power on the road. It offers great handling and a luxurious ride.

Features and Advantages –

  • The shoulder blocks of this tyre are stiff to give a superior high-speed stability
  • The presence of a functionalized polymer gives a comfortable ride
  • Wide central rib helps in high speeding, handling and controlling
  • An optimum wet grip is achieved due to the presence of circumferential grooves
  • High rubber content gives a good superior dry grip
  • With great ride handling, the tyres have an increased strength load
  • They also give a good mileage

CEAT Tyres Online

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