It is the dream of most individuals to be the first owners of the cars they use. However, the saying that there is gold in age cannot be ignored. Used cars have their significant advantages compared to the new cars and it is for those reasons that individuals will opt for them. At Autoportal you get access to a wide variety of efficient and long lasting impeccable quality used cars.

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How to buy a used car?

Information is key to selecting the best used car that suits your needs and budget. Autoportal used cars ensures you are at ease in purchasing a used car.

Buying a used car is not a leap of faith or ability as long as due diligence is exercised towards the acquisition of one. The following is a procedure for a successful purchase of a used car and realisation of value for money.

  • Budget

You have to ascertain the comfort you are at financially in terms of spending g on a used car.

  • Research

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the available cars and dealers within your budget.

  • Create a shortlist

After the research, create a list in order of priority based on factors such as price, age, body, type, model and make. Compare within the list and come up with the most preferred.

  • Contact the seller

This should be done with a shortlist of the intended inquiries.

  • Arrange the inspection

This comes in place when the purchase is from an individual and not a dealership.

On normal occasions, you can check the condition of the car. At this point, feel at liberty to ask for the history of the car so as to ascertain the presence of any encumbrances or insurance matters. Ask for the vehicle identification number in order to authenticate the information given by running the same against the information contained in the respective database.

  • Conduct a test drive

This is one of the most critical stages and it would often be better if you seek the assistance of someone who has experience with cars. Through conducting a test drive, you may be able to diagnose problems that would otherwise not be identified by vision or conducting a background check.

  • Complete the Paper Work and Payment

Verify the title documents and chose a secure payment method. Ensure upon every transaction, a receipt is obtain.


In order to realise the value for your money and ensure your shoulders stand tall on the Indian roads, a purchaser has to take not of the very crucial aspects involved in the purchase of used motor vehicles.

The following factors should be critically considered:

  • Price
  • Model
  • Age
  • Make
  • History
  • The seller
  • Mode of payment
  • Origin of the car
  • Year of assembling/manufacture
  • Mileage
  • Condition level
  • Options

Enjoy safe comfortable driving as you realise the value for your money.