The right tyre that is not too harsh on your pocket – that is exactly what budget tyres are all about. They have certainly created significant importance for the customers. If we look back into the earlier times, making the right choice was quite difficult and confusing.

But in modern times, there are sheer varieties of tyres coming with the latest versions which have enhanced the trading and marketing of budget tyres in India and around the world. Now one can easily go for a dealership today without any confusion and can replace the manufacturer providing tyres. It can also provide a set of high performance which will completely change the look of your car and its performance.

Now let’s move on to the categorization of budget tyres. Here we go:

Standard tyres: These tyres are mainly known as stock tyres or general usage tyres and are available in markets with OE fitted tyres which you mostly get with the car. If the customer demands and expectations are not very high, then they can go for standard tyres. As approved and tested by OE manufacturers, these tyres are further used for general use while going through its performance. Considering their cost, they have been rightly categorized as one of the budget tyres.

Touring tyres: These budget tyres are mostly emphasised for their comfort. They not only ensure driving comfort but also lower noise levels. These are mostly preferred by people going to the office or travelling with the family.

Sporty tyres: These tyres are designed with a purpose to improve the grip and handling of tyres and are also known as performance tyres. These tyres can easily be found in the aftermarket for drivers who wish to have better handling and achieve high performance from their vehicles.

High-Speed: These tyres are long lasting and are also available in touring and sporty patterns. While going through its motorsport applications, the manufacturers often use their findings from it in order to make these high performance and budget tyres for road use.

Eco – friendly tyres – These tyres often help in reducing the consumption of fuel while offering the lowest rolling resistance possible. While keeping in mind about all the four components mainly design, contour, and tread pattern, the eco -friendly tyres manufacturers have taken a new approach to achieving both fuel efficiency and optimum grip.

Run-flat tyres – These tyres were designed with a purpose to minimise loss of handling of a vehicle after a tyre puncture has occurred. It becomes much easier for the driver because he does not have to change the tyre, and the car can be driven on the punctured tyre itself.

All – terrain tyres – All-terrain tyres are everlasting compared to standard road tyres because these tyres are made up of hard rubber. The sidewalls of these tyres are also usually reinforced to withstand impact from sharp rocks and other obstacles that can be encountered on off-road trails.

Highway-terrain tyres: Highway-terrain tyres are supposed to run mainly on road and sometimes off-road. This is because OE is found fitted in Indian make MUV and SUV. Their tread blocks have less chunky lugs than A/T tyres.

Highway Luxury/ Highway Performance tyres: These tyres are usually found OE which is fitted in Imported or CKD/SKD premium SUV. These tyres mostly run on the road and rarely off the road. Further, their tread blocks may be quite similar to the ones of car tyre patterns.

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Well, budget tyres figure out their remarkable presence in today’s era where there is a much-needed use of motorbikes, cars, vehicles etc. The list of affordable tyres mentioned above will clear all your worries and will make you aware which kind of tyre you need to get fitted in your car or motorbike etc.

Happy driving!