Most of us depend heavily on our vehicles, especially if we happen to live and work in a big city where the distances are significant. The problem is that life throws things at us that we don’t expect, and sometimes we are faced with the prospect of being fined for driving offences, or even losing our driving licence altogether. For many people, the prospect of going to court to face these charges is frightening, and could represent a turning point in their lives that produces undesirable consequences.

How a Licence Can Be Suspended by the Authorities

It is no secret that in Australia we cultivate a drinking culture. As much as we try to educate people about the devastating consequences of drunk driving, many people are still caught every year flouting the law. Of course, this is not the only reason why a person might have their driver’s licence suspended.

Apart from a drink driving offence, here are other common ways that people can be suspended from driving:

  • Speeding: The sheer number of speed traps and cameras in our Australian cities are a grim testimony to the number of people that speed every day. Advertisements point out the dangers of speeding, and yet it remains one of the most common driving offences in our communities. While driving a little over the speed limit might net you a few demerit points, speeding twenty five KMs or higher over the limit will definitely get you into a lot of trouble with the authorities and could result in a suspension.
  • Fines: If you have accumulated significant fines and have chosen not to pay them, you could be suspended from driving. You may also face other legal consequences.
  • Demerit points: Every driver has a maximum number of demerit points that they can accrue before their licence is This system allows drivers some leeway when it comes to minor traffic offences, but accumulating too many demerit points can result in a licence suspension.

Fighting the Law

Driving while suspended in Sydney and elsewhere in Australia is a serious breach. It can land a person in court facing more serious consequences, such as big fines, time in jail, community work, and additional driver’s licence cancellations for a period of time. Clearly, these all have the potential to dramatically impact your life.

The good news is that experienced legal firms and legal practitioners can step in and assist. In these circumstances, the lawyer will look at things like driving history, traffic offence history, character, and whether you need a driver’s license for very important reasons. When facing such serious charges, it makes good sense to seek such legal advice.