There are many good reasons for hiring a car, when you go on your holidays around New Zealand. The other options are waving down a taxi while standing at the side of the road, or you can choose to rent a car with that new car smell. It really depends on when you intend to go on your holidays, because depending on the time of year, rental fees are a little higher and you may not get to choose the vehicle of your choice. Avoiding this is easy. Just book your car before hand and miss the queues. If you have never rented a vehicle before, here are some good reasons why you should consider it.

  1. Blend In – If you happen to be somewhere you have never been before, then you don’t want to be known as ‘the tourist.’ Hiring a car with local plates, is one way to avoid this and blend in easily with everyone else. Other drivers will treat you as they would a local person, and because you have those local plates, you will not be a target for thieves who love breaking into foreigners cars, for all those goodies like cameras and phones.

  1. Satnav – Most rental cars nowadays come with satellite navigation built-in, or as an added extra, so, you can bring less attention to yourself, by not having to ask for directions. It is a great feeling travelling around a strange location, but still knowing exactly where you are going. You will have maps at your fingertips and also a system that will let you know, if you are coming up to a point of interest for holiday makers.

  1. Save Money – Some people think that they will be able to get around in a local taxi. However, assuming there are taxi’s in the area, paying a taxi numerous times a day, mounts up and in the end you will probably spend the same, as it would have cost to rent a car for the day. Occasionally the tourist is charged the ‘tourist price’ which can be as much as double. If you need to order a taxi over the phone, it is sometimes difficult to tell them where to pick you up, as you are not from that area.

  1. ExploreUsing car hire in Auckland allows you to explore the places you wouldn’t be able to, in a taxi. Taxis’s don’t always go where you want to go and so you are going to miss out on what New Zealand has to offer. There are numerous restaurants in the mountains, and a taxi may not want to take you there, and if they do, then there may be an additional charge for this. In all likelihood, there won’t be any taxi’s available in that area.

So, when hiring a car, you have the freedom to travel almost anywhere you want to go, and renting one, will save you a lot of money in taxi fares. The next time you intend to go on vacation, consider renting a car for the duration. You won’t be disappointed.