Have you recently been in a car accident? And, were you the cause of the crash, or were you the innocent victim who happened to be on the road at the wrong time? If so, were you injured in this accident?

The fact is that motor vehicle accidents are costly, and they can change your life. Your emotional and/or physical injuries might be so severe that you will no longer be able to work. Even if you can return to work, who will pay for the medical bills and your rehabilitation costs?

The good news is that you do not have to face these issues or provide answers to these questions alone. There are specialist legal firms like Toledo car accident lawyer who will assist you handle the aftermath of your accident in its entirety. Thus, providing the answers to the questions mentioned above.

What happens after a motor vehicle accident?

Because it is incredibly stressful being involved in an accident, here are three of the most important things that you need to do straight after the crash:

Stop, do not continue driving

Never drive away from the scene of an accident, no matter how minor the incident is. If you drive away, you are liable to be criminally charged as it becomes a hit and run accident, even if the accident is not your fault.

Make sure that you can get out of your vehicle safely without being hit by passing cars. If you cannot get out of your car, it is better to phone for help and to stay in your vehicle until the police and other emergency services arrive.

Phone for help

Once the car has stopped, determine whether you can move or whether you are trapped in the vehicle. The next step is to find your mobile phone to call for help. If you can get out of the car without injuring yourself further, then get out the car and move away from the wreck. There is a small chance that the vehicle might explode, and you do not want to take the risk of being near the car should it explode.

If you are unable to find your mobile phone, or cannot use it, ask a bystander to make the call on your behalf.

Get the details of the other drivers involved in the accident

Again, this is assuming that you have not been severely injured, or you are not trapped in your motor vehicle. It is vital to collect details like names, phone numbers, vehicle licence numbers, and identification numbers from all of the drivers involved in the accident.

If you are seriously injured, or unable to get out of the car, the police will collect these details for you.

Final thoughts

It is important to memorise these three tips before you are involved in an accident. Otherwise, because of the mental and physical trauma that occurs straight after the incident, you are likely to forget the critical points mentioned above.