MOT Test Centre

Once your vehicle is over 3 years old in the United Kingdom, it must pass what is known as an MOT test. This is a test of your car’s roadworthiness and it must be passed if you hope to take your car back onto the road legally. There is no getting around this test as you cannot renew your road tax and your insurance will be voided if you are involved in an accident. The government has made it easy to take this test all around the U and they have nominated certain garages to perform the test and make a decision.

The great thing is that if you go to one of these garages that does the MOT test in Exeter, they know exactly what is required and they can get your vehicle ready to pass the test. They offer many services there and here are just 3 of them.

  1. They can do the necessary servicing to your car so that it passes the strict emissions test. The engine oil and filter need to be changed and the engine will need a full tune up to make it perform optimally.
  2. If any necessary repairs need to be made, then they can do that as well. Brake lines, pads and shoes all need to be checked and cleaned and if anything needs replacing, they can do that as well.
  3. All cars are covered from the top of the range BMW or Mercedes to the ever-popular Ford and Toyota models. They have worked on all cars and can address any issues that may occur mechanically or otherwise.

For a one stop shop of everything mechanical, call into your local MOT garage and make an appointment today.