The 2019 Q3 from Audi is a pleasant surprise for the car enthusiasts who were waiting for a classy SUV being released from as aristocrat as Audi. To make the mark as always Audi has designed its powerful SUV model unique and striking enough to stand out in its segment firstly for its design, then for latest tech suite inside and finally the performance that leaves the car occupants spellbound. But what makes it still go ahead in overall consumer rating, is its relatively daring departure.

The Design Aspect:

The 2019 Audi Q3 is smaller in size making the distilling its maker’s wish to promote a smaller yet an efficient feature rich package. You can recognize from a distance the octagonal grille that it shares with much bigger sibling, the Q8.

All the Bakersfield car dealerships are proud about the fact that with the 2019 redesign, the Q3 from Audi has gone ahead from its entry-level position in the category of crossover SUVs. Thanks to the modern MQB that has enabled the best possible modular architecture to underpin its rival models who were reigning the market so far. The new changes for the 2019 model gave the Q3 a wider wheelbase that stretches more than its earlier version almost by 3 inches and on the other side, the overall length of Q3 increases from 4 inches to 176.6 inches, which does mean a great change inside and out. The Q3 of 2019 also got an inch wider than its earlier version after the redesign. This newfound girth gives this five-seat Q3 an increased cargo space as well that has grown from 50 cu. ft to nearly 54 cubic feet.

Convenience Upgrades:

For the 2019 year revision, the Audi Q3 installs a massive 10.1-inch touchscreen display for its infotainment section that dominates the dashboard. The effect doubles up because of its thin silver colored hexagon wrap that echoes the shape of the front grille. Integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility in addition to Google Earth maps enhances the navigation system through its newly appointed LTE Advanced antenna. To soothe your musical experience a 15-speaker from Bang & Olufsen audio system is kept as an available option.

Safety Features:

Safety being always the first priority, Audi has equipped the 2019 year model of Q3 with a broad array of advanced safety features that include automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection capability, adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go technology, active lane control system and all these systems work on the basis of the inputs fetched from the surround-view camera that can also enable a park assist system.

Overall Performance:

At the showroom of an Audi car dealer near Bakersfield we were informed, that the 2019 Q3 comes with four turbocharged engine options made available globally that makes a 230-count of horsepower. This turbo-4 engine is paired to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission to achieve better handling around the tight corners. As of now, Audi has only announced that along with the present all-wheel drive configurations, the Q3 will also come as front-wheel-drive version to satisfy its own sector of buyers.